Nutrition Guidance

Upon intake, members receive standard meals and have access to a variety of food options located throughout our facilities. We view proper nutrition as key in supporting physical and mental wellness.

After being evaluated by a member of our medical staff or nutrition team, we’ll work you to identify and understand your unique nutrition needs and likes.

Based on knowledge of what best fits your specific body and lifestyle, we’ll put together a nutrition plan designed to not only satisfy any deficiencies, but also satisfy your preferences and put you on a path toward achieving optimal wellness.

Cardio-friendly foods

Heart disease is said to be the #1 killer of Americans and tends be especially common among disadvantaged minority and low-income groups. Our cardio-friendly food plans include foods with little to no trans-fats such as fish, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Well-Balanced Meals

We’ll help you craft a well-balanced diet consisting of sufficient carbohydrates, proteins, and natural fats along with sufficient vitamins and minerals to sustain your daily activity level.

Natural Foods

A common trend in our modern eating habits is the over-consumption of processed and GMO foods. Our plans will help you increase your intake of organic and natural foods containing sufficient nutrients and free of harmful additives or toxins.

Healthy Weight Support

Our nutrition plans include strategies for healthy weight maintenance as well as support in overcoming any challenges you may have with body image or body shape management.

Nutrition Plans…

Our nutrition plans work in conjunction with our culinary arts training in emphasizing healthy eating and a well-balanced diet. Commonly encouraged food choices include:

  • Organic Fruit, Vegetables & Fresh Herbs
  • Naturally made Stocks & Sauces
  • Fresh Meat & Seafood
  • Low Fat Cooking Techniques & Methods
  • Whole Grains & Pastas

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